Introducing Phenix: The next evolution in PHP frameworks

Phenix is a web framework built on pure PHP, without external extensions, based on the Amphp ecosystem, which provides non-blocking operations, asynchronism and parallel code execution natively.
Published at: 2023-10-12

Modern PHP from version 7.x to 8.x

PHP is a modern, fast and powerful language, learn its new features and write scalable applications in powerful frameworks such as Laravel and Symfony.
Published at: 2023-10-12

Optimizing queries for large volumes of data with Laravel Eloquent

Run big data queries with maximum performance and low memory usage using the Laravel Eloquent ORM and the Query Builder.
Published at: 2022-02-21

Generators in PHP

Learn about generators in PHP and Laravel, an easy way to implement iterators with optimized memory usage, high performance and native asynchronous code.
Published at: 2021-08-02

Handle long namespaces in PHP

Learn how to import multiple classes from the same namespace, and how to handle very long namespaces in PHP.
Published at: 2021-07-07

How to easily generate PDF invoices with Laravel

Learn how to export invoices to PDF easily using Laravel PHP, DOMPDF and the Laravel Invoices implementation.
Published at: 2021-06-21

Laravel scheduled tasks on shared hosting

Configure Laravel scheduled tasks on shared hosting using cPanel, cronJobs with the power of PHP.
Published at: 2020-10-26

How to create a virtual host with Apache in Ubuntu

Learn how to create a virtual host with the Apache2 web server in Ubuntu, and organize your application development projects.
Published at: 2020-06-15

Merko, a small search engine for products and vendors using maps

Merko is a product and vendors small search engine using maps, this helps to connect customers and sellers. The application is written with PHP and Javascript.
Published at: 2020-06-03

Top PHP frameworks 2020

Top PHP frameworks in 2020 according to job availability, popularity, development community and ecosystem, synchronous and asynchronous.
Published at: 2020-02-25

Turns your Laravel app into a progressive web app

Turn your Laravel application into a progressive web application (PWA) in minutes, so it can be installed on mobile and desktop devices.
Published at: 2020-02-25

The best Composer packages for Laravel

The best Composer packages for web application development with PHP and Laravel, these packages that you will use in all your projects to reach a professional level.
Published at: 2019-09-18

The best programming language

All you need to know about the best programming language, there are compiled languages and interpreted languages, high, medium or low level, languages for the web, for desktop applications and for mobile devices.
Published at: 2019-08-20

Optimization of the Eloquent queries to reduce memory usage in Laravel

Optimize Eloquent queries to reduce memory usage in Laravel and maintain application performance.
Published at: 2019-06-27


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